What you need to know about rat infestations

Who doesn’t freak out when they hear the word rat or mouse inside your home? A rat infestation inside your household can be one of the most daunting things to face. These little critters have kept homeowners in fear for years. The first thing you might want to consider is why are there rodents in your home. There are many answers that can be provided but often times the homeowner has to seriously look at their surroundings. You may have poor insulation, be in a particular neighborhood or something worse. Small rodents such as rats seek out food sources. This could be in your garage or in your basement or even in your kitchen. They enter from weak points in your house and continue to gain access. Most homeowners will find rats milling about in crawl space or even in the attic.

Once rats are inside your home, they begin chewing up electrical wire, breaking down wall insulation and nibbling on your furniture. Rat infestations don’t have to take over your home. The best thing to do immediately is call a professional pest control service Southaven MS to handle the situation. You want to act fast as rats can slowly deconstruct your home bit by bit.

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